The services I provide

The service I provide to my clients includes, among others, the following:

  • Domain Registration

    Starting to build your on-line presence is as simple as registering a domain.

    These days, it is perhaps the first thing you do before starting a new venture. Having the domain name also ensures the future and the integrity of your brand.

    Whether it be, .com, or whatever you choose, I can register the name(s) on your behalf.

    Feel free to call so we can discuss your needs.

  • Website Hosting

    Hosting is one of those essential services that happen in the background and is sometimes little understood.

    It is essentially a simple process. We need to place your website on a computer, somewhere, where the world can see it.

    To 'host' your website is also a complex process and therefore best suited for the experts.

    With most providers, the cost of hosting is based on the amount of data stored and the volume of traffic that it generates.

    I do not have my own hosting service. I do have a large chunk of space available on the computers of specialist and reputable hosting services and by agreement with them, I can place your website on any of these computers - which is best suited to your website.

    The prices I charge are very competitive, and if I do develop your website, you are not under any obligation to place your website on the servers that I have contracted.

    If you want me to register a domain and/or arrange for hosting, I will do so on the understanding that you have read and understand these conditions.

  • Email

    Most of the hosting packages that I provide include email accounts.

    The service I provide is flexible in that more email accounts can be supplied, and the limit on size of individual mails and/or total amount of disk space used is negotiable. Some of these features may attract a nominal fee.

    I also am a strong supporter of the eMClient software for use as the email program on your computer. You will soon be able to purchase your copy from me. In the meantime, you are welcome to ask for more information on the software and where/how it can be obtained.

  • Website Design and Development
    New websites

    Let us be honest. The face of your business is no longer the girl at reception, or even the voice that answers your telephone. In the world of today, your business is judged by the looks and/or performance of your website.

    Whether your business has a website is no longer a question. How well it represents your business is of greater importance

    And there is more to it. How well does your website conform to the requirements of search engines (like Google). Also, can a visitor see and use it on his/her cellphone?

    I create effective websites to your specific requirements.

    Feel free to contact me for more information.

    Your existing website

    If your website does not live up to your expectations, there may be more than one way to improve what you have. To change an expense into an asset.

    Should you be interested, I will gladly offer comment on your website. My honest views, and no obligation free advice, is available simply for the asking.

    My report may include comments and/or recommendations on the following important elements of a successful website:

    • Design
    • Content
    • Marketing
    • What Google would like to see

    My opinion on and quotation to update your existing website is free. You are welcome to contact me.

  • Online Stores or e-Commerce

    To trade on the Internet is not only common, it has become extremely popular and may in fact be a necessity.

    I create stores specifically to your requirements. As a next step I will upload some stock items as an example and will assist your staff with the upload of the rest of your stock items. Once everything has been tested will I link the payment system to your bank account.

    Whether you intend to sell direct to the public or merely accept orders from distributors, or both, your function is basically reduced to affecting shipment of orders. By the time you get the notification of a transaction, the sale has already been paid - unless specifically set up differently.

    Talk to me. Running an online store is much easier than you expect.

  • Website Maintenance and Support

    As we all know by now, a website is not something you build and then it just stays as is. There is a regular need to add content, replace content, update it, fix problems, and more.

    With websites that I have developed, when website maintenance needs to be done or support is required, you simply have to ask.

    We charge a nominal fee per event. However, if your website require frequent changes, we have a basic support package in place. It simply require an annual upfront payment which will cover most, if not all, changes required.

    More details about the agreement, including what is or is not covered, can be seen here.

  • Website Security

    There are at least 3 factors to consider when looking at website security.

    The Safety of your website

    How difficult (or easy) is it for hackers to take control of your website?
    It is common knowledge that certain (and in particular some of the very popular) web development platforms, are extremely vulnarable for attacks from cyber hackers.

    I do not use any of these platforms. Should your existing website fall into this category, I would strongly recommend that you consider some of the available security options.

    Feel free to call, my advice is free.

    The collection of sensitive information

    As developers, we would provide different levels of security for websites where required. Some websites, in particular those on which commercial transactions are done, obviously require a higher level of data security, such as SSL certification - a form of encrypting online data.

    The primary benefit of using a SSL (Secure Socket Layers) Certificate is to create a secure connection between the user's computer and the server that the website is hosted on. This gives potential customers and buyers peace of mind when providing sensitive and personal information like credit card details.

    The First Impression

    When somebody visit your website, browsers now show the level of security provided. This information may scare a potential client away, even before he look at what your website has to offer.

    I can help. Feel free to call.

  • Use of Cookies

    We are seeing more and more websites indicating that 'cookies' are used.

    What is a 'cookie'

    Cookies are small amounts of text websites often store in your internet browser to identify you when you return to their sites.

    Is it necessary for my website to use cookies?

    It will depend on the structure of your website, and what type of information you may collect from the users of your website.

    Cookies and the POPI act

    In the case of websites that store personal information in a cookie, there is an extremely slim possibility that the information can be obtained by others for misuse.

    Unlike in Europe where websites must warn users that cookies are being used, this is not yet a requirement in other parts of the world. The POPI (Protection of Personal Information) legislation in South Africa requires that institutions nominate a specific individual to accept responsibility for the protection of personal information.

    Depending on the type of information collected by a web page, it is important to ensure that all parties involved are aware of possible misuse.

  • Social Media

    We all know that it is very unlikely that anybody will ever order a product or service from you by using a social media platform.

    Reality is however that most people share information through social media.

    To enjoy the benefits, you do need a presence on at least one of the many available social media platforms. Each of these platforms has its own style and followers. Your business, or target market, will dictate which platform(s) you should consider.

    Where websites largely contain static information, the opposite is true for social media. In order to enjoy the benefits it is important to be an active participent. Being there with no participation has no value.

    My no obligation advice on social media is free. Feel free to contact me for more information.

What I do

I create
- bespoke websites, using mainly html & css (without using wordpress)
- e-commerce sites using opencart as base.