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Website Security

There is 3 factors to consider when looking at website security.

The Safety of your website 
How difficult (or easy) is it for hackers to take control of your website?
It is common knowledge that certain (and in particular some of the very popular) web development platforms, are extremely vulnarable for attacks from cyber hackers.

I do not use any of these platforms. Should your existing website fall into this category, I would strongly recommend that you consider some of the available security options. 

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The collection of sensitive information
As developers, we would provide different levels of security for websites where required. Some websites, in particular those on which commercial transactions are done, obviously require a higher level of data security, such as SSL certification - a form of encrypting online data.

The primary benefit of using a SSL (Secure Socket Layers) Certificate is to create a secure connection between the user's computer and the server that the website is hosted on. This gives potential customers and buyers peace of mind when providing sensitive and personal information like credit card details.

The First Impression
When somebody visit your website, browsers now show the level of security provided (see images below). This information may scare a potential client away, even before he look at what your website has to offer.

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What Google (and other search engines) want to see
As part of the drive towards a safer web, more emphasis will be placed on 'secure websites' by companies like Google and other search engines - even to the point of ranking them higher on search results. That off course makes one wonder if a secure website will help with website promotion?

For more information on website security, the benefits and the cost thereof, feel free to contact me.

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