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There are not many arguments left as to why a company should not have a website.

It is however a fact that many websites is no more than a mere expense to the owner while other websites are used successfully as a tool in the business. Some as source of information and others as a point where business is conducted. And more.

I create websites to your specific requirements. An important goal is to create websites that humans would like to look at/use and as important, that the website is recognised by Google and other search engines. Also important is that the website is equally useable on computers and smaller instruments such as mobile phones.

Every website I create is a unique stand-alone product. I do not make use of any of the 'free' platforms (Wordpress, Joomla, Wix and more) where you could possibly be tied to their whims forever.

Feel free to contact me for more information.


If your website does not live up to your expectations, there may possibly be more than one way to improve what you have. To change an expense into an asset.

Should you be interested, I will gladly offer comment on your website. My honest views, and no obligation, free advice, is available simply for the asking.

My report may include comments and/or recommendations on the following important elements of a successful website:
• Design
• Content
• Marketing
• What Google would like to see

the webman