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Hosting is one of those essential services that happen in the background and is sometimes little understood.

It is essentially a simple process. We need to place your website on a computer, somewhere, where the world can see it.

To 'host' your website is also a complex process and therefore best suited for the experts.

There is an oversupply of hosting space which resulted in competitive prices. Some hosting providers do exploit the low prices to their advantage, and not yours.

With most providers, the cost of hosting is based on the amount of data stored and the volume of traffic that it generates.

I do not have my own hosting service. I do have a large chunk of space available on the computers of specialist and reputable hosting services and by agreement with them, I can place your website on any of these computers - which is best suited to your website.

The prices I charge are very competitive, and if I do develop your website, you are not under any obligation to place your website on the servers that I have contracted.

If you want me to register a domain and/or arrange for hosting, I will do so on the understanding that you have read and understand these conditions.